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    • Does your home feel stuffy and uncomfortable these days?
    • Do you sense that your HVAC unit isn’t functioning properly?
    • Have you been paying more than usual towards your electricity bills?
    • Are your rooms difficult to heat or cool?
    • Is there an excessive dust build up in your home?
    • Has there been an increase in respiratory/allergy problems in your family?

Chances are the duct system in your home is compromised and you are in need of air duct repair Chicago services. Ignoring to do so is asking for a double whammy – not only could the life of your AC ducts be impacted, but you could also find yourself shelling out more money to keep up with your utility bills.

Need help with your air duct repair  Chicago? Get in touch with Duct Cleaning Chicagoland – your one stop shop for all services related to residential and commercial air duct repair Chicago. With our help, you will no longer have to worry about your HVAC system burning a hole through your wallet or compromising the health of your family.

With our service you get:

    • Air ducts that run perfectly and smoothly
    • An HVAC system that has optimum lifespan
    • A well-ventilated home, free of harmful chemicals, fumes, and allergens
    • Rooms that are comfortably cooled and heated
    • Energy bills that don’t come as a rude shock
    • Hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings
    • Freedom from stuffiness and mustiness
    • No worrying about allergies or respiratory problems
    • Prompt and efficient service that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction

Air ducts are one of the most important systems for homes and commercial establishments. Hidden behind ceilings and walls or under the floor, they are responsible for conducting hot and cold air through each room of the building so you enjoy optimum air quality at all times. In order to keep them running efficiently, you must get professionals to take a look at it every now and then.


So you can get timely air duct repair work done for the common problems that afflict air ducts in most homes and offices. These could include:

    • Loose/severed air ducts that spill conditioned air into unusable space instead of conducting them into rooms
    • Ducts that are not sealed properly at the grills and register
    • Leaks, tears, or holes in air conditioners and/or furnace connections
    • Dents and/or kinks that restrict airflow through the HVAC ducts
    • Corrosion brought about by age and neglect

All these problems lead to inefficient heating and cooling. This, in turn, puts immense burden on the HVAC unit, lowering its lifespan. It also causes a spike in the energy bills and you end up paying anywhere from 10-30% extra. Over time, that can add up to a phenomenal amount of money!

However, what is a bigger concern is that faulty ductwork is often unable to filter out dust, harmful fumes, spores, and chemicals, which can severely impact indoor air quality and pose health risks, especially if you are prone to allergy attacks or respiratory problems.

In the interest of your family’s health and safety (and finances), get in touch with Duct Cleaning Chicagoland.


Who We Are

Duct Cleaning Chicagoland is a locally owned and operated company that is experienced in all things related to air duct repair Chicago. We are licensed, insured and bonded and have been serving the residents of Chicagoland for several years. We proudly claim to have the finest team of professionals in the city and have made a reputation for following rock solid work ethics that have helped us serve our customers diligently and keep them happy. This gives us an edge over our competition and keeps a steady stream of customers flowing in, making us a neighborhood favorite.


Our Services

We are well equipped to handle all issues related to residential and commercial air duct repair Chicago. No matter what the problem might be, we have a solution for it. We can:

  • Align duct connections properly and seal them tight
  • Firmly seal connections to grills and registers
  • Ensure seamless connection between air ducts and furnace
  • Insulate air ducts in exposed areas like crawl spaces or garages
  • Repair/straighten ducts in areas where airflow is constricted

In addition, we also we offer other services like:

In a snapshot, here’s what Duct Cleaning Chicagoland promises to deliver:

    • Top of the line AC installation and repair equipment
    • Best prices and unbelievable rates
    • Specialized work force
    • Handpicked technicians possessing extensive knowledge on HVAC systems
    • Prompt & efficient customer service
    • Super fast response time
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • Best warranty on labor and parts in the industry



If you have any doubts about our competence, take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from past clients. These are genuine people with genuine stories and they all are complimenting us on our hard work.



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With our team, you can always count on old-fashioned work ethics that leads to 100% customer satisfaction.


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