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Be it homes or commercial establishments, who can deny that air ducts are extremely important? Yet, despite their integral association with our day to day life, they and are often neglected and taken for granted. What is even more frightening is that almost 70% of all new duct systems are not installed correctly. In fact, it’s highly possible that they will not even comply with stated SEER ratings! As a result, your HVAC unit is not energy efficient and you end up paying too much for utility bills.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Thankfully, if you are dealing with Duct Cleaning Chicagoland, you won’t have to worry about such shoddy work compromising the comfort of your home or burning a hole in your pocket.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our professional duct installation Chicago services. What you get is:

No more stuffy and musty rooms!

    • No more annoying dust build up!
    • Comfortable living spaces that are just rightly heated or cooled
    • Air duct installation designed according to your property
    • Quick, clean, thorough, and timely installation with minimal disruption
    • A cost-effective HVAC system that functions perfectly
    • Optimum lifespan for your AC and heating unit
    • Freedom from fumes, smoke and allergens that can impact you and your family’s health
    • Savings worth hundreds of dollars on utility bills
    • 100% customer satisfaction

Duct Cleaning Chicagoland – a locally owned and operated company that has years of experience in air duct installation in Chicago, IL. Licensed, bonded and insured, we are an establishment that prides itself on its professionalism, unimpeachable work ethic, and top notch customer service. While our competitors might say they are in the business of repairing and installing air ducts, we prefer to say we are in the business of keeping our customers happy and satisfied!

I suspect I need to replace my air ducts and have new ones installed. How can I be sure?

There are some telltale signs that indicate your HVAC system is begging to be overhauled in favor of new ones. These are:

    • Higher Utility Bills: If, of late, you’ve noticed that your utility bills have increased although daily consumption of power is more or less the same, it could be signs of leaky air ducts.
    • Uncomfortable rooms: Rooms that feel stuffy, clammy, too hot or too cold or have a strange odor in them are indicators of faulty air ducts.
    • Strange noises: If you hear strange noises, like hissing, when the AC unit is switched on, it might mean there’s a leak in the ducts.
    • Presence of Excess Dust: Homes and offices tend to have dust in them. But, if you notice excessive dust in the rooms, you might want to get your AC ducts checked.
    • Age: With age ducts tend to corrode and wear out. If that is the case, it’s best to get new ones installed to make your home more cost-effective.

Duct Installation Chicago

Duct Installation Chicago

What happens after I get in touch with you?

We get down to doing what we know best – air duct installation! How do we do that?

First, if you already have an existing duct system, we carry out an extremely thorough assessment of your existing duct system to determine whether it needs repair work or replacement. We won’t go around suggesting an expensive installation project if the problem can be fixed with a little bit of tinkering.

After that, we will make a professional design so you have air ducts that are just the perfect size for your property. This way, you are not stuck with an oversized system that will eventually lead to moisture related problems or an inefficient system.

This step cannot be complete without load calculation which is done after the evaluation of the property’s levels of insulation as well as infiltration, number of windows and their size, and computation of internal load, including kitchen appliances, electronic equipment, and lights. An analysis of all these factors will tell us exactly how much heating/cooling the new system should effectively give you.

As you can see, installing new ductwork is not child’s play. But we are confident of doing the job justice, because we have:

    • Team of technicians with years’ worth of experience on all things related to air duct installation Chicago
    • The latest and most sophisticated HVAC installation equipment
    • Handpicked staff that places a high premium on customer satisfaction
    • Prompt response time
    • Timely installation with minimal disruption
    • Best warranty on labor and parts in the industry



If you have any doubts about our competence in air duct installation, take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from past clients. These are genuine people with genuine stories and they all are complimenting us on our hard work.



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With our team, you can always count on old-fashioned work ethics that leads to 100% customer satisfaction.


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